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Sometimes, a basic keyboard shortcut can mean the difference between feeling like a success or a failure.


Preface: At this moment in history, nearly everyone is engaging in virtual/distance/online learning. #covid19



Most of our students are using Chromebooks but most teachers are not. This is probably the thing that frustrates me most because it makes things just a tiny bit trickier to help students when they have tech issues. Today, I bring you a Chromebook tip.



I cannot tell you how many times, I want students to be able to view our live video based lesson and something else like a Nearpod activity or Kahoot interactive game. In fact this keyboard shortcut was one of the first things I taught the students in my 5th grade class.


If you know someone who is using a Chromebook, please share this simple keyboard shortcut. I'm sure they will thank you for it.



laptop with split screen text based directions


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