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Searching for ways to organize all the digital mess that came with distance teaching/learning this past year?

These are 3 simple ones to consider.
1. Google Keep - like sticky notes but way better!
2. Trello - great for major projects especially if they are collaborative.
3. Google calendar - capable of much more than meeting reminders!


Let's dig in a little bit deeper to each of these.



Things I like about Google Keep.

- ability to color code

- ability to label notes

- ability to open from anywhere and keep it synced across devices

- ability to add images and freehand drawings

- ability to add collaborators

- ability to add due dates

- ability to use as checklist

- with the Chrome extension, you can use it to bookmark websites to return to later


Things I like about Trello

- abililty to organize projects on customizable boards

- offers prebuilt templates

- ability to break project down into categories/chunks

- ability to add stickers

- ability to color code

- ability to create custom work-flow for tasks

- ability to reposition and sort cards in within categories

- ability to add collaborators and assign tasks to specific people


Things I like about Google Calendar

- ability to color-code

- ability to have more than one calendar associated with a Google account

- ability to toggle calendars on and off from view

- ability to share calendars with others

- ability to embed calendar on website or inside learning management system

- ability to attach files and add notes in the description

- ability to create events and invite others

- ability to allow others to schedule appointments to your calendar

- ability to create recurring events

- ability to add hyperlinks in the description


Do you use any of these tools to stay organized? If so, how? Share your favorite tools for digital organization in the comments.